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SMART is a holistic conservation area management platform, including mobile, desktop, and cloud-based components with a wide range of applications in conservation practice. This platform allows conservationists to easily collect, visualize, store, analyze, report and act on a wide range of data relevant for protecting wildlife and improving your overall conservation impact.

Transforming data into usable information helps managers allocate their time and resources more effectively, feeding clear results back to frontline staff. SMART’s success derives from a bottom-up approach, drawing directly from the needs identified by staff working on the ground.

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The SMART platform consists of a set of software and analysis tools designed to help conservationists manage and protect wildlife and wild places. SMART can help standardize and streamline data collection, analysis, and reporting, making it easier for key information to get from the field to decision-makers.

In the field, practitioners can use an app called SMART Mobile on their smartphones to record data about what they encounter, and track where their patrols go. Information on animals, illegal activities, and conservation actions taken are recorded and then fed into a central database, called SMART Desktop.

Data can then be quickly analyzed, visualized, mapped and acted upon so that park managers can rapidly respond to threats. Standardized reports can also be configured and run with just a few clicks, ensuring that key information can be delivered to decision-makers in a timely fashion.

SMART also includes a series of additional applications and functionalities to assist you transform your raw data into usable information.


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    Flexible, user-friendly database with powerful analytical functions


    Allows SMART users to store and manage data on a web connected database


    SMART’s global leading mobile data collection


    Allow users to manage ecological surveys


    Supports a wide variety of information management scenarios to track entities

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Features of the Platform
  • 1 Easy to use, scalable, and applicable to a wide variety of contexts
  • 2 Freely available and open source
  • 3 Blends innovations with tried and tested technology
  • 4 Functional in disconnected and connected environments
  • 5 Easy to maintain and sustain at the site level
  • 6

    Development driven by, and responsive to, the user-base

  • 7 Respects ownership of data, and adheres to strictest standards of privacy and data security
  • 8 Supported by the Partnership over the long-term
  • 9

    Enhances capacity, motivation, transparency and accountability

  • 10

    Promotes integration with other tools and platforms that enhance and complement the SMART mission and values

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