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SMART 7 Technical Training Manual
The SMART 7 Technical Training Manual is a comprehensive technical manual for the SMART software. This manual walks users from installing SMART for the first time to setting up your data model and patrols, running queries and reports.

This technical manual is intended for users at all levels, from complete beginners to more advanced. Find detailed guidance on new features available in SMART 7 in appendix 2.

This manual comes with supporting training files and is currently available in four languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English. Click the button below to access all language versions and supporting materials.

SMART 7 Manual and Training Files

SMART Mobile Manual
This manual describes the functions and usage of the SMART Mobile software

The intended audience is users of the SMART Desktop application who are
configuring field data collection. Field users or rangers may also use this manual to
understand the various configurations and how they function.

SMART Mobile manual

SMART Connect Training Manual
The purpose of this training resource is to provide a guide on how to use, administer and navigate SMART Connect.

The intended target groups for training are administrators and advanced users or staff who work across multiple sites where SMART is deployed in terrestrial and marine protected areas, community conservancies, private reserves and other conservation areas, using SMART Connect.

This training resource covers all aspects of SMART Connect going from initial requirements all the way to customization and troubleshooting issues that may occur. It covers cloud vs. on-site installations and the practicalities around those.

SMART Connect Manual

SMART 7 Profiles Manual
This manual is intended to train users how to use the features of a specific SMART plugin called SMART Profiles. The SMART Profiles plugin is a flexible tool that can be configured and used in many different ways.

The aim of this guide is to familiarize users with Profiles software functionality. This manual shows a few examples of specific uses, but there are no specific limitations to what uses you can use the tool for. Suggested uses for how the tool could be used are: intelligence tracking and analysis, individual animal tracking and analysis, inventory management, infrastructure maintenance tracking, vehicle fleet management, demography modeling, tracking traffic pattern analysis through access points/gate and others.

The SMART Profiles Manual and corresponding training files are available in the link below.

SMART Profiles Manual

SMART Advanced Reporting Manual
This manual guides SMART users interested in advanced reporting functions.

The main focus of this resource is to assist users with Reports and Report design. In these various chapters you will learn techniques to help you represent your data in a more legible way.

SMART Advanced Reporting Manual

SMART Survey Manual
The purpose of this training resource is to provide a guide on how to design a survey, collect, analyse, and interpret field data using the SMART Survey plugin.

The intended target groups for training are ecological monitoring staff, field rangers, and other frontline staff who work on site in terrestrial and marine protected areas, community conservancies, private reserves, and other conservation areas.

Please note this manual has associated training files that can be downloaded from the link below.

SMART Survey Manual