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Our impact

SMART is the leading protected area management solution globally, currently used in around 1000 sites and over 70 countries. Sites using SMART have seen improvements in patrol effectiveness, increases in populations of critically endangered species like tigers and rhinos, and reductions in threats from poaching and habitat loss.

Some examples:

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    In Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park: adoption of SMART improved the effectiveness of patrolling leading to significant increases in the numbers of detections of illegal activities, in some cases over 250% without augmenting ranger resources.

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    In Namibia, SMART is being used to support community management of land to protect one of the largest remaining sites of the critically endangered black rhino population. Using SMART and its support network has resulted in improved patrol efforts and better monitoring and reporting of this critically endangered species.

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    In Belize, SMART has been adopted to support the management of marine protected areas nationally. At Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve, the use of SMART contributed to a 55% decline in fisheries infractions.

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    Tiger sites: SMART is being used in 100+ tiger sites in Asia, which has led to an increase in patrolling, reduction of threats and  a 61% overall increase in tiger numbers across Russian Far East sites between 2011 and 2014.