• Getting Started with SMART

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Getting started

SMART does not require successful pre-existing management practices, but it is important that the basic building blocks for adaptive management are in place to support the conservation goals for your area and that you and your team have the training and support needed.

Downloading SMART
Once you have decided to move ahead with using SMART, the first step is to download the software here.

SMART is open-source and freely available. For all use cases, you will need to start with SMART desktop. Depending on your additional needs, you have a variety of apps and plugins that can support your work. Learn more in our technology page.

Training materials

The SMART Partnership strongly believes that building skills and knowledge are essential for the successful implementation of SMART. We offer a number of support and training materials to help our user community. In addition to materials, through our partnership and network, we offer in person and online training opportunities. Learn more about all our resources here and join the community forum to hear about training opportunities.

Community Forum

The Partnership recognizes the value of a vibrant, connected global community of SMART users. Through our Community Forum we actively connect practitioners, Encourage cross sector dialogue, community building and knowledge sharing by connecting SMART users and communities.

Join the SMART Community Forum


The SMART partnership provides support to SMART users and community though the Community Forum, a dedicated support task force and our developers. We encourage all users to use the Forum as the first point of contact. If additional support is required or if you wish to contact us, please write to info@smartconservationtools.org