• SMART 7 release
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We continue to improve our tools to support our users globally. As part of the process, SMART’s latest upgrade - SMART 7 brings a number of key innovations to users, including a suite of exciting new functionalities.

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SMART 7 Features

UX - Fresh look and feel and overall improved user experience

SMART 7 has a brand new and fresh User Interface, including over 1000 new icons covering different attributes from wildlife to a range of different activities.

Enhanced mobile data collection

SMART Mobile is SMART's new data collection tool designed specifically for use with SMART. Through a tight integration with SMART desktop and Connect, SMART Mobile is used to easily, accurately, and quickly record observations based on a configured version of your SMART data model. GPS waypoint and tracklog and observation data are collected simultaneously and uploaded to SMART in a semi-automated process.
SMART Mobile was launched in 2020 as part of SMART 6.3 for Android devices. In SMART 7, SMART Mobile will now be available for iOS when used with SMART Connect.

SMART Collect: our citizen science tool

SMART Collect is a version of SMART Mobile designed for remote data collection such as citizen science and community reporting projects. It allows data collectors to download configured SMART data models from a server, using SMART Connect.
SMART Collect is available for Android and iOS and it is centrally managed with potential to collect data from all over the world. SMART Collect will assist a range of community and other standalone use cases including:
- Fishermen reporting catch or illegal fishing
- Citizen science in and around Conservation Areas
- Reporting human-wildlife conflict in a village
- Tracking of small-scale fishing boat
- Reporting wildlife crime
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Multiple profiles

With SMART 7’s new Multi-Profiles feature, users can have all the features of Profiles (custom entity, attribute creation, tracking and reporting) for a number of different categories in the same Conservation Area (CA).
Permissions can be assigned per-profile so if some of your categories contain sensitive data and are only accessible to a small subset of your CA employees, you can assign the correct permissions to enforce that in SMART 7.
The new Multiple profiles plugin allows you to create Relationship types that cross-over your various profiles.

Additional improvements

SMART 7 has over 40 new functionalities to support SMART users globally.
These functionalities improve the overall user experience and work flow and include:

- Ability to make waypoint attachments
- Allow users to enter in a distance offset
- Custom polygons: Draw polygons to filter information on the map
- New information tool icon to obtain observation details about a particular waypoint.
- Improved reporting functionality
- Employee teams - allows for easy assignment of employees who regularly head out onto patrols together.
- Multi select attribute types