• SMART Desktop
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SMART Desktop

SMART desktop is a flexible, user-friendly database with powerful analytical functions that is available in many languages. It has built in mapping and spatial analysis, as well as report generation ability that allows managers to view their data in a format that informs and feeds into the adaptive management cycle, supporting the decision making process.

For many practitioners the powerful analysis functionalities of SMART desktop has made a significant difference to the way they communicate the impact of their conservation actions by measuring threats and generating information that can be fed into activities and funding strategies.

As part of our latest release, SMART 7, SMART has a brand new and fresh User Interface, including over 1000 new icons to customize your work and over 40 new updates.


Desktop Features
- Database with powerful query & summary functions
- Easy data entry, User-friendly with support for multiple languages
- Built-in mapping and spatial analysis ability
- Integration of data from GPS and mobile devices
- Automated analysis and report generation
- Straightforward information sharing

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