Collect, measure and evaluate data to improve the effectiveness of your wildlife conservation efforts
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What is SMART?
The SMART platform consists of a set of software and analysis tools designed to help conservationists manage and protect wildlife and wild places. SMART can help standardize and streamline data collection, analysis, and reporting, making it easier for key information to get from the field to decision-makers.

SMART supports a broad range of conservation management activities, including biodiversity conservation, law enforcement, tourism and visitor management, natural resources use, intelligence, and performance and threat level assessments.

Our approach covers three areas: cutting-edge technology, building conservation capacity, and empowering a global network of SMART conservation practitioners. The SMART Approach is supported by a unique, long-term alliance of leading conservation organizations, offering powerful applications in conservation practice to ensure the survival of the Earth’s biodiversity for generations to come.

SMART uses

What is SMART?

SMART tools are easy to use
SMART Tools are open-source, non-proprietary, and freely available. SMART is a suite of tools that enables you to collect, store, communicate, and evaluate data on wildlife and conservation areas.

SMART can be customised to suit specific needs and contexts. Whether in terrestrial or marine environments, at connected or disconnected sites, SMART enables users to monitor and evaluate conservation efforts to improve conservation management.

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