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SMART Connect

SMART Connect is an add-on online operating environment for SMART. It leverages real-time connectivity to greatly enhance speed of data transfer from the field, sharing of SMART data, maps and reports at regional and national level, and the possibility of integration with a wide variety of other mapping, analytical, and data collection platforms. It has the power to transform your use of SMART from a tactical tool to a full-blown operational response platform for protected area management.

Connect users can upload entire Conservation Areas complete with patrols, field data, queries, reports, and all other associated data. A distributed workforce can all work on the same Conservation Area and sync their changes on the server ensuring that all users are working with the most up-to-date version.


SMART Connect Features
- SMART Connect allows SMART users to store and manage data on a web connected database

- Collect and share field data in real time; manage and respond to real time alerts to enable more effective and rapid operational responses

- Centrally manage SMART deployments at multiple sites

- Enhances the speed of data transfer

- Enhance analysis, visualization and impact of SMART data for decision making by integrating with other systems
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SMART Connect as a Service (SCaaS)

SMART Connect as a Service (SCaaS) is a software as a service version of the SMART Connect platform.

SCaaS provides access to SMART Connect through ordinary browsers, avoiding the effort and cost to your organization. SCaaS is offered to Government agencies, non-profit and educational organizations for free.

If your organization is interested in requesting a Connect instance, please register here and then return to this page to submit a request. Please note, we will only process requests from legal organizations. Please provide a full description and your official contact details for your organization and sites in your request. Please use your organization email address.

For existing SMART Connect users hosted by SMART, if you would like to send a request to upgrade your server, please email info@smartconservationtools.org 

For registered users, If your organization is interested in requesting a Connect instance, please submit using this SCaaS form.