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SMART 6 Release
Install SMART Desktop
  1. Download the applicable file from above.
  2. Unzip (extract) the SMART 6 zip file contents into a folder on your computer from where you will be running SMART.
  3. Run the executable SMART.exe (on Macs this file is called SMART.app) to launch SMART.
  4. Install Plug-in (File -> Install New Plugins

When first installing SMART, use the following credentials to login to the sample conservation area:
User Name= smart
Password = smart

Upgrading SMART Desktop

To upgrade to SMART 6x from previous versions of SMART 3-6:

1. Backup your existing SMART database using the ‘File -> Backup System’ menu option.

2. Install SMART 6. If you are going to install it in the same location as your previous version, you must delete the previous version first. Do not merge directories.

3. On the login screen, select the ‘Advanced’ option, then the ‘Restore a Backup’ option. Follow the wizard, and when asked to select a backup file to restore, pick the file created in step 1 above.

4. A prompt will appear, warning that the backup file is not compatible with the current software version. You will be asked if you want to upgrade (and restore) – select ‘Yes’. At this point the backup will be upgraded and restored.

5. It will be necessary to update query bindings for reports in your Conservation Area. You can do this for a particular report when it fails, or you can login to your Conservation Area, open the reports perspective, select all your reports, then right click and use the Update Report Query Bindings menu. If your reports reference a large number of queries this may take a while.
NOTE: Upgrading a large database may take a while (10-15 minutes for a database with ~800,000 waypoints).

We recommend all users install and use the latest version of SMART. However, if you need an earlier version of SMART to use with an existing SMART Connect instance, contact info@smartconservationtools.org

SMART Mobile

SMART Mobile is powered by CyberTracker (CT) and leverages the functionality of CyberTracker (CT) by using a GPS enabled mobile device to collect both observations (text or icon based data entry and digital images) and GPS data in a single unit. Observations and GPS data can then be transferred directly into SMART Connect or desktop in semi-automated processes. SMART Mobile represents a significant enhancement to the existing functionality of CT, including: touch/swipe controls, advanced mapping and navigation, natively translated languages and further support for all unicode languages, multiple data point entry on one screen, flexibly change patrol metadata on the fly, configure real-time alerts for key observations, and many other new functionalities.

To use SMART Mobile you must have:

1. An Android mobile device (version 4.4 or higher). iOS is currently not supported but it planned for a release in late 2020.

2. A computer (laptop or desktop) with Windows/Mac/Linux OS, with min 4GB RAM, 8GB or higher recommended Installed

3. SMART Desktop 6.3 or higher (earlier versions are not supported) If you use SMART Connect, installed SMART Connect version 6.3 of higher (earlier versions are not supported)

Install SMART Mobile
To install and use SMART Mobile and the SMART Mobile desktop simulator follow the instruction in the Field data collection using SMART Mobile available on the Resource Library.
SMART Connect

SMART Connect is an online extension to SMART which enhances the ease and quickness with which users can translate patrol efforts in the field into actionable data for improving conservation practice at their site(s). Connect facilitates data capture in as close to real time as a site’s infrastructure allows, making it possible for rangers to manage and respond to real time threats, and integration of SMART data with data from other sources (e.g., Global Forest Watch) and other commonly used field sensors, such as remote camera traps. Connect also allows for centralized management of SMART deployments, facilitating information sharing of data, maps, and reports across entire protected area or landscape networks, and enabling access to SMART reporting from non-SMART users. These functionalities make SMART Connect an unparalleled tactical, operational, and analytical tool for conservation management.

Download SMART Connect