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SMART Councils and Task Force Participation

The SMART Partnership relies on Councils and Task Forces to support the development and operation of SMART products and activities. Participants in these groups volunteer and support our work in many ways, from participating in online meetings to reviewing materials, as well as ensuring that diverse user voices are captured in all we do.

By participating in SMART, you will be part of the team collaborating to support conservation areas globally by doing some or all of these: participating in our standing meetings to discuss tools and resource development, playing a key role in the development of global leading tech, testing our new features, finding out about all new resources and trainings and even attending in person events.

If you are interested and energized to contribute to our work and join the SMART team, read the options below and fill out the short form below.

Join a SMART Working Group

Technology Council
The SMART Technology Council serves as a vital connection to frontline practitioners and drives development of the SMART software suite and its associated technologies. The Council: a) leads on software conceptualization, development, and implementation; b) provides guidance as to the needs of practitioners in the field; c) ensures the adequacy of the software design and documentation to meet those needs; and d) provides oversight and management of SMART services and operations.

Task Forces associated with the Technology Council: Patrol (focused on our core products - Desktop, Connect and Mobile), Survey (focused on Ecological Records), Profiles (focused on SMART Profiles plug-in), Integrations (focused on integration of SMART with other tools), Marine and Human Wildlife Conflict.
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Capacity Council
The Capacity Council is responsible for driving the development, delivery, and promotion of SMART’s capacity development efforts, including but not restricted to learning curricula, training materials, training events and competency standards.

Task Forces associated with this Council are: Training (focused on SMART trainings in person and online, as well as webinars), Resources (focused on development of manuals and other learning materials), Communities (focused on building up demonstration sites and engagement with regional focal points), Standards (focused on best practices and management effectiveness for PCAs etc.), the SMART Approach (focused on Adaptive Management ) and Research (research priorities, and engaging the academic science community to make the research happen). There will also be a Working Group focused on National Adoptions.
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Marketing and Communications Council
The Marketing and Communications Council provides marketing and communications guidance for the SMART Partnership with a focus on effectively communicating the mission and activities of the SMART Partnership to conservation practitioners, partners and donors. We work on everything from strategies to disseminating information about our tools and training resources, to events and social media to engage the SMART global community and support wildlife conservation.
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