• Survey Plug-in
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Survey Plug-in

Conservation management requires reliable information to assess whether or not implemented strategies are effective. This may include information on the changing status of biodiversity that are targets of conservation actions over space and time.

The SMART Survey plug-in, previously known as Ecological Records plug-in, facilitates the collection, management, mapping, and analysis of accurate species and habitat survey data. This plug-in allows configurable collection of survey data based on existing survey design categories and attributes, so you will be able to develop your own survey design templates and data models to suit your data collection needs. With SMART Survey, these can then be coupled to actual survey plans and field missions during which validated ecological monitoring data is collected.

The SMART Survey plug-in is available for download through SMART Desktop by selecting File and install new plug-ins.

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The Survey plug-in streamlines data transfer to and from your mobile digital device.

Once your validated species or habitat survey data are stored within SMART you will be able to view, summarize, map, and query the data, as well as create reports based on these data or easily export them for further analysis.

SMART Survey can be used for any observation-based survey data collection and management. There is a wide variety of methods that could be applied in marine, terrestrial or freshwater environments to collect these type of data for a multitude of species.
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Methods include strip transect or plot surveys, occupancy or double-observer surveys, line or point transect distance sampling, line intercept or point quarter surveys, where survey teams might complete the survey on foot, by car, or using boats or planes.
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Survey Plug-in Features

- Integration of external data to facilitate survey design
- Mapping survey plans and survey data
- Easy survey data entry, viewing, and editing
- Support for icon use and multiple languages
- Extensive options for spatial analysis and survey data queries
- Survey data summary and report generation
- User-friendly data export for further analysis