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SMART Mobile is SMART’s global leading mobile data collection tool. Through a tight integration with SMART desktop and Connect, SMART Mobile is used to easily, accurately, and quickly record observations based on a configured version of your SMART data model. GPS waypoint and tracklog and observation data are collected simultaneously and uploaded to SMART in a semi-automated process.

SMART Mobile was launched in 2020 as part of SMART 6.3 for Android devices. In SMART 7, SMART Mobile will now be available for iOS when using with Connect.


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Caractéristiques de SMART Mobile

Global leading mobile data collection

  • Specifically designed for SMART

  • Leverages smartphones to enable georeferenced field observations, photos, and other data to be captured quickly and easily using a single interface on one device

  • Online and offline functionalities

  • Accommodates an unlimited number of customisable data forms

  • Supports any language with the option of icons

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What is new in SMART Mobile:
  • SMART Mobile is now available for iOS users using SMART Connect only. This makes use of wireless connectivity, uploading configurable models via the SMART Connect server.

  • Go-to feature

  • New “Statistics page” for patrol legs - Ability to view a summary of all your legs on the screen with the new statistics button, including patrol distance


  • Manual GPS by dropping a point on the map or manually selecting GPS coordinates - The ability to select the GPS location of your observations means you do not need to be standing in the spot of the incident to record its location. This can be done by manually entering the GPS coordinates or selecting the location on the map.

  • Multi-select attributes - New in SMART 7 is the new attribute type of Multi-Select lists. Multi-Select lists allow the user to select more than one option from the defined list. A typical list is displayed as a dropdown list that allows for a single selection. A multi-select list appears as a series of checkboxes which allows for the selection of one or more attribute values. These options can be queried and viewed in reports.

  • Observation groups - Observation groups allow you to organize individual observations that occurred at the same waypoint into groups. 

    • Compound sightings can be created using the new “Group UI”. Enabled via the SMART Mobile Device Settings dialog:

    • When enabled, the UI looks like this:

  • Conditional Data Entry for SMART Mobile - Users can now set conditions on whether to show certain attributes for collection in their configurable models. This allows you to further streamline data collection, only showing attributes that are needed and skipping any that are not.

  • Tokenized IDs - New in SMART 7 is the ability to define the pattern for generating Incident ID and Patrol IDs. If you would like to customise your ID you date, time and other information, to create unique IDs.

  • Capturing Signatures - SMART now allows administrators to configure SMART Mobile to collect signatures from data collectors or members of the public while operating in the field.

  • Add attachments to specific observations - Attach files such as photographs and audio recordings to specific observations.

  • Matrix UI for Mobile Data Entry - As an optional way to streamline certain types of data entry where you may have many attributes which you want to fill-out all at once, we’ve added this matrix-type configuration for SMART Mobile.

  • Distance and Direction - Allows users to enter in a distance offset and compass bearing to accommodate for sightings away from where the patrol is taking place. When reviewing the waypoint observations users will see two locations. One for the actual location of the patrol and the other is a calculated location.

  • Search - Text search feature added, no more scrolling through long lists.

  • Packages -  from SMART Desktop are now downloadable directly from Smart Connect to your mobile device. Packages allow you to limit the information exported to specific devices, such as, the list of employees, so you can provide only the options that are relevant to field users for a particular package.

  • Routes - Admin users can assign routes for the mobile data collectors which can be viewed in the mobile map.

  • Independent Incident only packages - new in SMART 7 is the ability to have independent incidents only packages. The Independent Incidents plug-in is an optional addition designed to record and query observations from sources other than standard patrols or surveys.

  • Waypoint labelling - The waypoint id column in the database has been changed from id to a string. This means ALL waypoint ids can be strings (patrol, mission, incidents, assets etc) and you can customise your waypoints as preferred.

  • Location specific units and settings - Units for distance and speed are now locale specific (metric or imperial) and dates and times are shown in the locale specific style

  • Edit information in SMART Mobile - Ability to edit sightings before exporting data

  • QR code - SMART Mobile now supports QR code and Code 128:

  • Number pad - Use the number pad to enter text

  • Icons - Over 1,000 new icon options configurable for SMART Mobile.