• SMART Collect
    Our Citizen Science tool
    © Jorge Duarte/Parques nacionales Naturales de Colombia
What is SMART Collect?
SMART Collect is a version of SMART Mobile designed for remote data collection such as citizen science and community reporting projects. It allows data collectors to download configured SMART data models from a server, using SMART Connect.

SMART Collect is available for android and iOS and it is centrally managed with potential to collect data from all over the world.
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SMART Collect use cases
SMART Collect will assist a range of community and other standalone use cases, including:

- Fishermen reporting catch or illegal fishing
- Citizen science in and around Conservation Areas
- Reporting human-wildlife conflict in a village
- Tracking of small-scale fishing boat
- Reporting wildlife crime
© Julio Maaz/WCS Belize
How does SMART Collect work?
Your target community can download SMART Collect directly from the play store or the App store and, assisted by the user-friendly navigation mechanism, identify a particular project they can contribute to.

Your SMART data officer / administrator simply creates a configurable model and uploads it to a Connect server which is subsequently downloaded by data collectors via the app store. Data are then collected and sent to the SMART database.
© Leonor Valenzuela/WCS Colombia