Enhance your SMART experience with SMART 6

SMART 6 is a major release that builds upon SMART 5 with an suite of exciting new functionalities, including the introduction of the SMART Profiles platform and the release of SMART Mobile powered by CyberTracker.

Major Updates

SMART Profiles

SMART Profiles provides a powerful platform management and analysis of multi-source data related to a specific entity or entities (e.g., a poacher or collared rhino) and events, and the spatial and temporal relationships exist among them. Profiles can be applied to any number of scenarios, such as, recording sightings and developing a profile of individual animals, tracking traffic patterns through park entry points, recording the details of outreach projects in communities, maintaining records of staff participation in training events, managing infrastructure maintenance schedules, tracking incidences of human-wildlife conflict around protected areas, or managing wildlife law enforcement intelligence data. For management of enforcement data, Profiles provides conservation law enforcement officials with a system to manage offender data that can detail and illuminate the actions, histories, and behaviors of individual wildlife offenders. By helping to improve understanding of the offenders and their patterns of behavior, enforcement officials are able to craft more effective and targeted strategies aimed at preventing offenses in their protected area.

Network Example

SMART Profiles allows you to capture data on entities, events, and their interrelationships in order to build up situational awareness over time.

SMART Mobile 

We are excited to release SMART Mobile, the SMART data collection solution for mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets). SMART Mobile is powered by CyberTracker (CT), in itself a leading application for capturing mobile data deployed successfully in hundreds of sites globally. SMART Mobile leverages the functionality of CT by using a GPS enabled mobile device to collect both observations (text or icon based data entry and digital images) and GPS data in a single unit. Observations and GPS data can then be transferred directly into SMART Connect or desktop in semi-automated processes. SMART Mobile represents a significant enhancement to the existing functionality of CT, including: touch/swipe controls, advanced mapping and navigation, natively translated languages and further support for all unicode languages, multiple data point entry on one screen, flexibly change patrol metadata on the fly, configure real-time alerts for key observations, and many other new functionalities.

SMART Mobile Example Screens

SMART Mobile is a fully integrated mobile data collection system supporting Android and iOS, all unicode languages, and full color icons, and can send data directly to SMART Connect.

Additional Highlights in Detail

SMART Field Sensors
The SMART Field Sensors plugin improves the management and maintenance of field sensors (e.g., camera traps), allows the cataloguing and curation of imagery derived from the sensors, and facilitates a degree of visualization and querying of the imagery together with the patrol data. Users can create field sensors in SMART and then import data that associated with these sensors. This plugin also supports mapping EXIF/XMP metadata to users’ data model elements to support automatic creation of observations when images with metadata are imported.
Case Tracking
Often observations recorded on patrols lead to follow-on actions after patrols are completed. SMART Case Tracking facilitates management of data from follow-ups and and connects these data with existing observation records in SMART for data managers to be able to monitor actions and analyze their effectiveness.
Quality Assurance Toolkit
The SMART Quality Assurance Toolkit allows all new data to be automatically quality controlled and flagged for outliers based on user speed-based or spatial configurations. This feature also supports manual validation of existing data and includes tools for fixing errors.
Triggers Plugin
New SMART plugin for performing actions based on data entered into the system. Users can now configure ‘triggers’ which will flag patrol observations as needing additional case tracking or an associated event action, such as creating a new record. Currently this is combined with the Profiles plugin to create new records and/or entities based on patrol/mission/incident observations.
R Integration
The R Plugin allows users to run R scripts directly from within SMART. Results of SMART queries can be sent directly to an R script and the results of the script viewed within SMART.
Enhanced Security Features
SMART now maintains a list of users who have logged into SMART that is stored and visible to Admin users. All SMART attachments that are stored in the filestore are also now encrypted, so that users browsing the filestore cannot view the images/files – they can only be viewed via SMART. When exporting from SMART, images are decrypted.
Global Forest Watch Alerts Integrations
SMART Connect now support the integration of Global Forest Watch notifications into the Connect Alerts map using the Global Forest Watch push service.
SMART 6 Release Detailed Notes

Additional Features / Bug Fixes

784 Related to the QA toolkit (see above)
1357 Admin and Manager Users can edit data in a query results table
1407 Image quality and sizes of SMART Query maps can be configured at export
1418 Tool for measuring distance added to map views
1444 Non-contiguous patrol dates now possible in patrols (e.g., if a team is out on patrol, but cannot work one day due to heavy rain)
1589 Users can save custom configurations for the their configurable models for reuse
1592 Issue with exports of geotiff sometimes producing images that were not correctly georeferenced has been resolved.
1594 Adds the ability to delete a track point with the option to break or connect the track. Breaking the track will result in two “tracks”.
1614 Created an “images” tab on query results that shows a collage of recognizable image formats associated to the current list of query results.
1629 Mixed patrol types now allowed (e.g., vehicle and foot as transport types in the same patrol)
1676 Gridded patrol queries can now be configured to exclude patrol types
1695 Patrols can now be grouped automatically or manually in folders
1697 Added the ability to manually edit observation coordinates for Admin users.
1718 Support for additional icons for Connect Alerts map added.
1727 Conservation Areas can be redownloaded/replaced via download from Connect.
1839 Added the ability to change mandate for different legs of the same patrol
1926 Issue with bad dates from CyberTracker affecting patrols has been resolved.
1982 Users have the ability to configure triggers related to specific observation types that are significant to Profiles system. When these observations are added to the database, an event will trigger a data entry in the Perspective system, so that users can use this data to integrate important raw data into their more advanced analysis.
2015 Global Forest Watch notifications can now be added as alerts via Connect
2029 Ability to add and configure quick access to key reports (or external links) and visualization of SMART queries in dashboards in SMART Connect.
2114 Issue with display of SMART splash screen on high-resolution screens as has been resolved.
2162 A desktop-user editing system on Connect, which adds the following abilities has been added: a) Create a new user (with the same password) in many CAs at once; b) Set a user’s password, across many CAs at once; c) Disable a user, across many CAs at once; d) Edit a user (first name, last name, etc.) across many CAs at once. This is only available to a Connect Administrator access user.
2163 Allow users, already logged into a Desktop CA, to access the “Sync multiple CA” features and sync numerous CAs without having to log out and use the advanced menu.
2164 Users have the ability to Run “Merge Data Model” against many CAs at once. Users must log into a Conservation Area and edit a data model. The merge data model button now brings up a dialog where they can choose what they want to merge. Changes are not saved to any of the Conservation Areas selected until you save the current CA data model.
2165 Users have the ability to “Merge Data Model” on many CAs from the Connect Interface.
2166 HTML added as an output option for Queries on Connect.
2167 Users can save a “Home CA” on the Connect website. When they use this setting it will come up as the default filter on Query and Report pages.
2168 Legend added to the Operational/Alert Maps on Connect
2169 The SMART Connect User Interface was redesigned and enhanced, with particular emphasis on the Alerts map page.
2191 SMART libraries updated, including: Eclipse Oxygen, Hibernate, Derby, Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL, GPS Babel, Java, and other libraries
2192 Addition of the Field Sensors Plugin to SMART software
2194 Allow adding Intelligence Queries to Reports. Includes saved searches/lists of entities.
2195 Support for intelligence record queries in Connect added
2196 Added the ability to run Profiles queries in SMART Connect for users with Intel_ user permissions
2197 SMART creates a log of all SMART logins in a table within the database which admin users can now review.
2198 Allows Intelligence Records to be added via the SMART Connect API
2199 In the Profiles plugin, if importing records and record with the same name occurs, a warning box pops confirming entry to to prevent duplication.
2201 A new read-only users has been added that and view and export all intelligence data but edit nothing.
2203 Ability to sort the records by date of observation and by information source.
2204 Improved Import/Export of Entities and Relationship Types in Profiles Plugin
2205 Perspecives records now have a required date field, allowing generation of the it was generated in the system and the date of observation/record (e.g., for historical data)
2206 Data Entry users are not able to set “complete” for records.
2207 Integration of the R Statistical Program into SMART (see above description)
2210 Citation for use of SMART software now included in the “About SMART” dialogue box
2219 Advanced Intelligence > Users with ‘Data Entry’ permissions can view all records
2226 Karen Language pack for SMART 6 included.
2227 Spanish Language pack for SMART 6 udpated.
2243 Using a spatial group-by and having trackDistance=0 doesn’t work with patrol hours, always return 0 patrol hours
2275 If waypoints are going to be deleted the users are prompted first and given the option to cancel.
2302 Mapbox and Giscloud options have been removed from the Connect Layer Settings, as both changed their services and APIs and neither work anymore.
2304 Wording changes in Connect: “Replacement Header Image” to “Title Bar Background Image”; “Replacement background Image” to “Main Content Background Image”; and “Replacement Login Page Image” to “Login Page Image”
2306 A number of Connect UI enhancements have been made including: Collapse main menu by default, Dashboard main dropdown, Data Model Manager, Hide ID field for queries, and shared links
2325 Encrypted/restrict access to attachments and map layers
2336 Year to date selection added to Connect dashboards
2337 Connect dashboards now sorted alphabetically
2343 Basic network diagram for Profiles plugin that displays entities and their relationships with each other.
2344 When an unprocessed record with no related entities is opened, the system will automatically search for other records within a short distance. If records are found, we will try to determine if there is a common Case related to other records at this location and suggest to the data manager that this new record might be an update to an existing case.
2345 New Entity Summary Queries supported in CA Queries, CCAA Queries, CA Reports, and CCAA Reports. Results can be exported to CSV and HTML (Connect only). Existing Record Observation Query updated and supported in CCAA Queries and CCAA Reports.
2346 SMART Profiles can access the employee list when needed.
2357 Automatically link all entities to all location when new entities are added to records or new locations are added to records.
2396 New SMART Connect AMI for Amazon Web Services
2401 Users can copy Point/Location from observations to new records in the Entity Dialog box
2406 Series of enhacments made to Connect dashboard functionality to allow better visualization of temporal data comparisons
2408 CA Delete requests are run as jobs in separate threads and the CA state is set to “DELETING”. The user can refresh the CA list page and once it has been fully deleted the CA Will be removed from the list.
2409 A Microsoft Azure version of our SMART Connect 6 AMI was created.
2421 Users can view all tokens they have created.
2440 Links to SMART training documents are now included in the SMART Help page in the application
2462 Added the ability to export and import/merge from xml file for the Triggers plugin.
2469 Administrators can select a user for restricting permissions for creating Connect tokens.
2471 SMART now support collection of independent incidents via SMART Mobile.
2479 Conduct compound queries with observations from field sensors
2495 Patrols grouped by dates are listed chronologically
2496 Sort patrols by Patrol Mandate
2504 An UUID has been added to each Observation/Incident Query
2505 Allows admin users to keep record of observations that are/have been modified
2518 Issue with special characters in attachment names has been resolved.
2519 When a SMART trigger creates a new Entity, and there is an image attachments that gets copied over into the entity, SMART will automatically mark it as the Primary Image.
2541 Ability to load svg images into SMART both in the Conservation Area properties dialog and as attachments to waypoints/profiles plugin added.
2546 Admin & Manager users can configure QA routines. Data Entry users can run QA routines and edit items
2581 Updated Thai translation for SMART 6
2582 Added the ability to define icon sets and associated icons and link these icons with data model elements (and thus configurable models).
2584 Issue with point rendering in different browsers resolved.
2621 Users can export SMART basemaps to mbtile files as png raster files.
2646 New button under the Help menu allows for users to quickly view the log file.