SMART Implementation Sites:

SMART Partnership

The SMART Partnership is a groundbreaking collaborative effort, unlike any other currently in the conservation realm. It is through the global reach of the Partnership that we have achieved rapid, scalable, successful adoption of SMART.

We have secured longstanding sustainability of SMART through the commitment of nine global conservation agencies to our long-term support.


We developed a strong governance structure to foster a broad and deep community of users and developers to ensure further software development, costs and maintenance can be shared and sustained. The Partnership is managed by a Steering Committee, which implements work according to a 10-year business plan.

The majority of work is carried out by the below three councils and 12 working groups.

SMART Associates

SMART Partners, in collaboration with the following Associates, have developed and funded critical efforts of the SMART Partnership that benefit the broader conservation community. We are grateful to the following organizations as well as many others: