Enhance your SMART experience with SMART 5 & SMART Connect

SMART 5 is a major release that builds upon SMART 4 with a suite of new functionality and the release of the powerful cloud-based SMART extension, SMART Connect.

Introducing SMART Connect

SMART Connect is an online extension to SMART which can the greatly enhance the ease and quickness with which users can translate patrol efforts in the field into actionable data for improving conservation practice at their site(s). Connect facilitates data capture in as close to real time as a site’s infrastructure allows, making it possible for rangers to manage and respond to real time threats, and integration of SMART data with data from other sources (e.g., Global Forest Watch) and other commonly used field sensors, such as remote camera traps.

Connect also allows for centralized management of SMART deployments, facilitating information sharing of data, maps, and reports across entire protected area or landscape networks, and enabling access to SMART reporting from non-SMART users. With its functionality, flexibility, and power, SMART Connect is an unparalleled tactical, operational, and analytical tool for conservation management.

New Features
  • Fix patrol dates on patrols with incorrect start dates
  • Compound query functionality: ability to view multiple queries on the same map in the Query Perspective
  • Split and merge patrols/patrol legs already entered/imported into SMART
  • Improved image quality of maps in reports and exported from queries
  • Jump to the patrol that was the source of data in a query
  • CA-wide projection setting which allows all coordinates to be displayed in a uniform projection/coordinate system in all SMART windows.
  • Add summaries of patrol plan targets achieved to reports
  • Export queries in GPX format
  • Fish species added to the SMART data model
  • Auto-hide query columns with no data
  • CyberTracker: Take GPS point at start of observation and ability to take a photo at the start of an observation
  • Edit and run reports without switching perspectives


Highlights in Detail
SMART Connect Alerts
SMART Connect allows users to manage and respond to real time alerts to enable more effective and rapid operational responses.
Connect Quicklinks
The SMART Connect web interface home page is now customizable with a set of “quick links” that are user configurable. These can link to any web accessible site including other Connect queries and/or reports.
Connect Dashboards
SMART Connect is equipped with a new dashboard page, which is user-configurable and can display the results of two Connect reports on a single page.
Compound Query Functionality
The compound query functionality can be seen in action. This ability allows you to view multiple queries on the same map using the built in query perspective mode.
Fish Species added to the SMART Data Model
Fish species were added to the SMART default data model to support SMART marine implementations. Species data were imported from the Fishbase database.