Wildlife Protection Solutions joins the SMART Partnership

Meet our newest SMART Partner, Wildlife Protection Solutions

Who is Wildlife Protection Solutions, and what is your mission?
Wildlife Protection Solutions is a 501(c)(3) international non-profit whose mission is to utilize technology for the conservation of endangered species and ecosystems.

What was Wildlife Protection Solutions’ motivation for joining the SMART Partnership?
Our motivation to join the SMART Partnership stems from the collaborative nature of the SMART approach. We believe that technology (both hardware and software), coupled with capacity building, and site-based protection standards are the best means to protecting ecosystems around the globe.

What does Wildlife Protection Solutions bring to the SMART Partnership, both in terms of expertise/support and implementation?
WPS brings a deep understanding of software development best practices, coupled with on-the-ground field resources who are actively testing, deploying, and field hardening existing technology solutions in protected areas. WPS hopes to contribute our ability to integrate real-time data points on wildlife and anti-poaching to help further conservation efforts for the SMART Partnership and its users.

Where does Wildlife Protection Solutions see itself in 5-10 years, and how does the SMART Partnership facilitate the realization of that vision?
WPS hopes to help the SMART Partnership’s users to expand their field capabilities by supporting technology implementations consisting of thousands of cameras and other sensors providing real-time protection and monitoring, all feeding in to powerful software reporting tools. Being a member of the SMART Partnership is key to WPS, because as a premier tool for storing and using conservation data, WPS wants to ensure that real-time information is married with SMART’s powerful reporting tools for the good of the endangered ecology of the planet.